At this moment there a hold on all new memberships at the annual meeting the number of memberships will be reviewed.

          The fee for new memberships is $170 dollars, and new members have to be sponsored by a current member. New members have to make a club meeting to receive their membership.

Guests with members – allowed guest count from 1 to 3.

         Have a family membership that allows a secondary (spouse) membership at half price. Each member would have 3 guests possible. The secondary (spouse) membership would cost $30 in dues, and $50 in Initiation fees (if a new member) for a total $85 for a new member.

Previous members (cards state expires on Jan 2016, 2017) can renew their membership for 50 dollars.  Any member before that, those year (2016, 2017) and who have not renewed their membership are now new members.

         Please print one of the forms below and fill it out correctly. Please bring form with you to renew or apply for membership. Please have proper State or Federal ID when renewing and applying for membership.   

Applications Download

At this time this is the Membership Form PDF  (click here )

Contact President Mark Roberts at

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